Creating a website from the ground up

I can create any kind of website or platform, be it e-commerce, static, dymanic, WordPress, Drupal, MODx, or even from scratch. I can code both the front and backends to your website.
I can transform your ideas and desires for your website into reality. In addition to my programming, I work with a very talented designer who can make logos and designs.
Before a website is launched, I test it thoroughly for quality control. I can even test existing websites. The entire website will be checked, detested, debugged, and put through quality assurance to provide your users the best browsing experience.

Website Review

You will be provided a detailed report on every tactile part of your website, including the following:

  1. Security
  2. User Interface
  3. Design
  4. Screen Compatibility
  5. Spellcheck
  6. Functionality
For a small website, I charge a $70.00 USD fee. Larger website can run up to $140.00. Fees for more complex sites such as e-commerce and hospital pages are not set and are negotiated per project.


Do you have a feature of your website that is not working? Is your contact form not sending emails? Is your gallery not zooming? I can fix that.

Fixing a hacked website

If you have been hacked and Google has blacklisted your website I can find the malicious code running from your application and clean it up. I will run a diagnostics on your website and figure out how the security can be improved. Websites that I've made from scratch have never suffered from hacks.

Logo Design

My designer is excellent with designing logos, PSD for websites, image editing and so on. She made my awesome logo and she can make an awesome logo for you too!


My copywriter is an experienced writer with academic experience who has broken records for his written work. He can write both commercial and standard copy for your website.