Some of the websites I have either created, or contributed a significant amount of work to:

ARPets Hospital

Elegant and responsive website for a pets hospital in Brookland, AR. Super fast, it loads for about 800 milliseconds.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Google Maps
Truck Source

Extremely complicated website for the Truck Source Corporation. They needed a complex inventory tracking system and it had to be able to automatically update once a day. The code had to scale and the website to load fast. I had to implement multiple contact options, i.e. contacting the sellers via text, phone, email. Filtering options were mandatory, since their trucks are being sold in 50+ locations.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP inventory system
Samuel's Constructions

MODx responsive website for a company offering home remodeling services. Clean & lightweight design using as fewer libraries as possible.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS transitions
Bella Acento

Intricate and design heavy website for a famous luxury rentals company based in Texas. There were a lot of animations and transitions that had to be applied with an absolute precision. Since the company is focused on luxury items, the images I had to work with were extremely high quality but that also meant they were massive in size, so I had to optimize them to the max in order for the website to load fast.

  1. Technologies used: WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, ACF Plugin
The PTCC Blog

I created a blog for the Pine Technical & Community College (PTCC). It was built on the MODx content management system. I was given a responsive design and I had to closely follow it. I completed it with a back end for blog management. I also coded the sidebar containing a categories menu, search engine and a Facebook widget.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
Marshall Dry Goods

Updated the core + the plugins, integrated numerous shipping systems to work together, wrote a JS script to increase/decrease quantity before you add a product to the shopping cart.

  1. Technologies used: Woocommerce, PHP, CSS3, MySQL
The Paul Harrell Program

Added an option for a newsletter, integrated an audio only button for the radio, installed a payment and inventory system, and pushed the store system live.

  1. Technologies used: Woocommerce, PHP, CSS3, MySQL
White River Health System

Updated the website's core & modules, fixed and added many features to their Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' system, like searching by their speciality, name, practice facility, etc.

  1. Technologies used: Drupal, PHP, CSS3, MySQL

The portfolio of a talented artist from The Netherlands. Made from scratch, with a back end for uploading/editing artwork.

  1. Technologies used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SQLite, JavaScript, PHP Image Magician
  2. To do list
Meta Inspired

A motivational & inspirational WordPress website, I made many changes to it, like adding a podcast section, making it responsive, and contributing many other ideas to it.

  1. Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  2. To do list
Online Invoices

Web application I created for a client for making simple online invoices. It was built entirely on Laravel 5.1

  1. Technologies used: Laravel 5.1, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQLite, DomPDF
Web Organizer

Responsive module for extracting product data from e-commerce websites selling electronics. Made for a spesific company, but names are omitted for privacy reasons. I created the front-end and the back-end, including the login form, all the subpages and the PHP functionality for extracting the data.

  1. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Design

Tarsis is a company that builds and sells flats in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and I made their website on WordPress, including a custom made plugin that was used to build a separate CMS within WP for management of the flats that are for sale.

  1. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress

Danish web-shop for selling kids' clothes, built on osCommerce. I made major core modifications, such as fixes on the coupon, mail, search, shipping, product and shopping systems.

  1. Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, osCommerce
Bramming Electronic

UniqueFree built Danish web-shop for selling electronics. Made core modifications in the shipping system.

  1. Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, UniqueFree

Another Danish web-shop for selling children's clothes build on UniqueFree

  1. Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, UniqueFree
Angry Birds

A website where you can play the legendary game Angry Birds for free. I made it with WordPress by tweaking a theme and installing plugins.

  1. Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP
Wallace & Hull

The homepage of "Wallace and Hull LLP" law firm from Oregon, Washington. It's part of a WordPress theme I made.

  1. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress
Radio Worcestershire

Homepage of a British radio station. I created the search engine of the website.

  1. Technologies used: XHTML, PHP
Better Cities Forum

I installed a Simple Machines Forum and made some tweaks on the source code as well on the site.

  1. Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, SimpleMachines
Social Network

Including a forum, an individual learning module and an event calendar. The social network is private for the residents anesthesiologists of the Texas Tech University and therefore not in the public domain. I created it in twenty days from scratch.

  1. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

I made the front - end and my colleague made the back - end. It's in a process of being uploaded.

  1. Technologies used:XHTML, CSS, JavaScript.