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My name is Stefany Newman and I am a web designer living in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I create websites that help businesses attract more customers. I have been a programmer for over 6 years. I have created many forums, e-shops, social networks, dating websites, portfolios, and a lot more web goodies. I am fully confident to create any website you can think of.

Please take a look at my portfolio and services and if you decide to hire me, please do not hesitate to contact me! No recruiters, please!

Latest Finished Projects:

Check out more projects I worked on at the portfolio page.

Used Semi Trailers

The website lists 7000+ trailers from various dealers in the Unites States. Fast and responsive, it has a complex inventory system and hand written scalable PHP inventory program.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP inventory system.
ARPets Hospital

Elegant and responsive website for a pets hospital in Brookland, AR. Super fast, it loads for about 800 milliseconds.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Google Maps
Truck Source

Extremely complicated website for the Truck Source Corporation. They needed a complex inventory tracking system and it had to be able to automatically update once a day. The code had to scale and the website to load fast. I had to implement multiple contact options, i.e. contacting the sellers via text, phone, email. Filtering options were mandatory, since their trucks are being sold in 50+ locations.

  1. Technologies used: MODx, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP inventory system
Bella Acento

Intricate and design heavy website for a famous luxury rentals company based in Texas. There were a lot of animations and transitions that had to be applied with an absolute precision. Since the company is focused on luxury items, the images I had to work with were extremely high quality but that also meant they were massive in size, so I had to optimize them to the max in order for the website to load fast.

  1. Technologies used: WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, ACF Plugin